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Jarek Astramowicz, CEO of J&S Energy SA

“FIDEA advised us on the arrangement of financing of fuel obligatory reserves in 2009. It was a venture without precedence in Poland, as this form of structured financing in the area of fuel obligatory reserves provided by a consortium of banks was not known before in Poland. As a result of strenuous work and effort,  education of the cooperating financial institutions and difficult negotiations we managed to successfully finalize this unprecedented undertaking. Without the professionalism and comprehensive assistance of FIDEA this goal would have been extremely difficult to achieve.”


Arrangement of financing

Proper capital structure is one of the main elements laying the foundation for company's financial efficiency and success.

Equity capital is too costly to solely finance economic undertakings.  Finding the right balance between equity capital and debt capital, specifics of a given project or market conditions is often the key to success for a company. 

Shareholders impose increasingly stringent demands on the management boards in charge of the return on invested capital, caused by on-going competition for optimal allocation of this capital.

Years invested in servicing both debt and equity have taught us to analyse balance sheet structure with great care; it enabled us to discover a wide range of available financing. As a result, we are able to establish optimal proportions between equity capital and debt, as well as adopt the most favourable forms of financing. Our extensive contacts in the financial community in Poland and abroad provide additional support to our clients and us.