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Wojciech Danek, CEO of Rockfin Sp. z o.o.

"FIDEA helped us a lot during a financial restructuring project in 2008 and 2009. It included creation of a reliable financial model, ideas of how to solve the problems, as well as direct contacts and negotiations with the banks. Thanks to their support and involvement we managed to both successfully conduct the restructuring and negotiate favourable terms with the banks. This enabled our further dynamic growth."


Financial restructurings

Volatility on financial and capital markets has become an inseparable part of world’s economic landscape.

Dynamically changing situations influence the real economy and often evoke a need of deep financial restructuring at companies suddenly cut off their sources of financing.

FIDEA team members have large experience in financial restructuring projects. Our investment bankers advised inter alia in bank loans restructuring, optimal solution of currency options problems and restoring liquidity. We helped in saving some of the companies from bankruptcy. To execute financial and strategic projects we use both our advisory know-how and extensive contacts among likely business and/or financial partners.