FIDEA is a unique advisor in investment banking known for its uncompromising quality and trust put in FIDEA by its clients and business partners.

FIDEA was founded in 2005 as a response for market needs of independent corporate finance advisory.

FIDEA focuses on strategic transactions conducted for select clients, requiring the highest level of advisory services and full trust. In its activity FIDEA pursues the following principles:

  1. to ensure full client satisfaction;
  2. to continuously improve services;
  3. to create and maintain outstanding work conditions for all employees and partners;
  4. to operate in full compliance with market regulations and standards and professional ethics guidelines; and
  5. to grow its business and contribute to the development of capital markets.


Mergers and acquisitions are one of the most complex economic processes.

Their success depends primarily on the identification of an appropriate business partner involved in the merger or takeover, efficient execution of the transaction and – finally – the prompt implementation of synergies developed for united companies.

In this chain of events, FIDEA can very competently assist its clients in the first two out of three critical stages of the process.

A number of attributes related to both transaction itself and parties involved in it makes every transaction unique. This is also the way we approach every transaction process we take part in.


Proper capital structure is one of the main elements laying the foundation for company’s financial efficiency and success.

Equity capital is too costly to solely finance economic undertakings. Finding the right balance between equity capital and debt capital, specifics of a given project or market conditions is often the key to success for a company.

Shareholders impose increasingly stringent demands on the management boards in charge of the return on invested capital, caused by on-going competition for optimal allocation of this capital.

Years invested in servicing both debt and equity have taught us to analyse balance sheet structure with great care; it enabled us to discover a wide range of available financing. As a result, we are able to establish optimal proportions between equity capital and debt, as well as adopt the most favourable forms of financing. Our extensive contacts in the financial community in Poland and abroad provide additional support to our clients and us.

ABOUT US Financial restructurings

Volatility on financial and capital markets has become an inseparable part of world’s economic landscape.

Dynamically changing situations influence the real economy and often evoke a need of deep financial restructuring at companies suddenly cut off their sources of financing.

FIDEA team members have large experience in financial restructuring projects. Our investment bankers advised inter alia in bank loans restructuring, optimal solution of currency options problems and restoring liquidity. We helped in saving some of the companies from bankruptcy. To execute financial and strategic projects we use both our advisory know-how and extensive contacts among likely business and/or financial partners