“Battle between M&A and IPO” – Forbes 02/2010 1 February 2010

In its 02/2010 issue in the article “Battle between M&A and IPO” Forbes magazine presents the current situation on Polish M&A and stock exchange markets. 2010 looks interesting in both areas. On one side there is a clear revival on the IPO market, driven most of all by announced offerings of big state companies, i.e. Tauron, PZU and Warsaw Stock Exchange. On the other side increased activity on the M&A market can be seen after a stagnation period. Looking at it from the global perspective, companies will be looking for a chance for growth of profits after cost reductions done in 2009. Polish companies are also more prone to talks and consolidation moves, inter alia due to increasing competition. Marek Dojnow comments this trend in the article:

Polish companies could be also merging this year, since together it is easier to face tougher market, build the position of a leader and there is no need to give away the control.

 – explains Marek Dojnow, Managing Partner at FIDEA.

The whole content of the article (in Polish) is available on Forbes website.