FIDEA acted as a financial advisor to Goodspeed Sp. z o.o. on acquisition of Caterings, a provider of comprehensive IT solutions and services for dietary catering industry 7 August 2023

Caterings specializes in dedicated software, including a highly efficient CRM system, designed to streamline order processing and payment management. Further growth strategy focuses on expanding across all customer segments while maintaining a reputation for innovation and top-quality software solutions.

We have been closely monitoring Caterings’ progress for a considerable time, paying close attention to our customers’ feedback regarding the role of their IT system. The company has developed a system that provides a distinct competitive advantage and has been a trailblazer for a significant period. By integrating their systems, we are excited to enhance our delivery capabilities, and we have ambitious plans beyond that.

– stated Sylwester Rypina, CEO and founder of Goodspeed.