“Sell or grow” – Forbes 3/2012 1 March 2012

In the leaflet contained in the March 2011 issue of Forbes magazine titled “100 richest Poles”, in the article “Sell or grow” the authors describe trends shaping Polish branded FMCG market.

The abovementioned article describes possible growth strategies for Polish FMCG brands in the context of increasing presence of large, multinational producers, growing consolidation pressure and increasing prices of raw materials.

Marek Dojnow was one of the persons asked to provide a comment with regard to the situation in the industry:

Increasing prices of raw materials and consolidation of distribution are the biggest issues for the Polish food producers. The weaker the brand, the more difficult it is to pass the increasing cost to consumers. The temptation to sell the business is strong, especially because until now investors have been offering generous valuations for FMCG companies.

– explains Marek Dojnow, head of FIDEA, investment boutique.

The whole content of the article (in Polish) is available on Forbes website.