“Speculation on options finishes Zloty off” – Gazeta Prawna i portal forsal.pl, December 18th 2008 18 December 2008

On December 18th 2008 Forsal.pl published an article “Speculation on options finishes Zloty off”.  Excerpts from the article are presented below: 

Marek Dojnow, Managing Partner at FIDEA indicates that since the summer investors have been escaping from emerging markets to currencies perceived as safer, i.e. dollar and euro, while they have been selling both treasury papers and stocks. But the situation with options and closing of these contracts have made Zloty even weaker.

Adam Jabłoński, partner at FIDEA, stresses that it is better if the company survives, although it can mean awful valuation. Going to court may be considered later, if the contract with the bank was badly designed.

The whole content of the article (in Polish) is available on Forsal.pl.