Financial advisory to Medicover on acquisition of CDT Medicus Group 5 November 2021

FIDEA acted as an exclusive financial advisor to Medicover on acquisition of CDT Medicus Group, a leading medical services provider operating in the LGOM region (Legnicko – Głogowski Okręg Miedziowy).

CDT Medicus Group was established in 1992 and has been managed by its co-founders since. Currently, the business consists of six companies and covers: two hospital facilities, 13 outpatient clinics (focused mainly on Primary Care), three diagnostic laboratories (including histopathology and cytology lab). As a leading private provider of medical services in the LGOM district, CDT Medicus Group employs c.a. 1 000 employees, including 330 doctors and 225 nurses.

Medicover, founded in 1995, is a specialised provider of diagnostic and healthcare services, focusing on markets mainly in Central and Eastern Europe and has recently entered India. The company operates through two divisions – Diagnostic Services and Healthcare Services. Healthcare Services offers high-quality care based on its Integrated Healthcare Model and a broad offering of specialty-care services with a focus on health and wellbeing. Healthcare Services operates 117 medical clinics, 25 hospitals, 52 dental centers and 20 fertility clinics.