Financial advisory to the shareholder of Orthos Szpital Wielospecjalistyczny Sp. z o.o. on soliciting a strategic investor, Luxmed Group 11 July 2023

FIDEA acted as an exclusive financial advisor to the shareholder of Orthos Szpital Wielospecjalistyczny Sp. z o.o. on, partnering with a strategic investor – Luxmed Group, a leader in private health care in Poland.

Orthos is the leading multi-disciplinary hospital in Lower Silesia. The hospital offers a unique patient proposition in orthopedics, surgery, laryngology, gynecology, and sports medicine, delivered by world-class medical professionals who are internationally renowned pioneers in their respective fields. For over 14 years, Orthos has provided premium healthcare, earning an remarkable quality rating from patients and medical professionals alike. With over 39.1k satisfied patients and over 11.8k successful medical procedures since 2018, Orthos is the clear choice for patients seeking the best possible care.

The integration of ORTHOS Szpital Wielospecjalistyczny into the LUX MED Group is becoming a fact – we are expanding our offer with modern hospital services in Lower Silesia. This is already the 15th hospital operating within the LUX MED structures. We will be strengthened by a team of specialists recognized in the region, both in medical and management terms. I am convinced that good cooperation will allow the hospital to develop and provide Patients with even better access to our hospital insurance LUX MED – Full Care. Welcome to the LUX MED Group! I believe in our joint success.

– said Anna Rulkiewicz, President of the LUX MED Group.

We are starting a new chapter in the history of ORTHOS Szpital Wielospecjalistyczny. As of today, we are together in the LUX MED Group. Over the course of several years of its presence on the market, our hospital has become known to patients as a facility that provides medical services at the highest level. Our goal, and we have always put this first, is the welfare of the patient and his needs. Our position on the market, not only in Lower Silesia, but especially nationwide, is the result of the work of many people. Our experts are well-known and respected specialists both in Poland and abroad. We call ourselves the Orthos Team, because this close-knit professional team its knowledge and experience is the greatest value of our facility. We know that by joining the LUX MED Group, we will be able to grow and achieve our goals in accordance with the policy of the strategic investor. I am convinced that this path will take us only in the right direction and will give us only benefits for our team and for the Group and for patients.

– commented Krzysztof Kotela, President of Orthos Szpital Wielospecjalistyczny.