Financial advisory to the shareholders of Torf Corporation Sp. z o.o. on partnering with a strategic investor – Bielenda Kosmetyki Naturalne 5 February 2024

Torf Corporation is a well-established cosmetics producer with over 20 years of market presence. Its products are widely available in Poland and other CEE countries. The majority stake in Torf Corporation was acquired by Resource Partners, an independent private equity fund, back in 2017.

The Bielenda Group, in partnership with Innova Capital, has been consistently expanding its presence on the Polish cosmetics market for several years, particularly through new product introduced by its own R&D department. The Bielenda Group includes brands such as Bielenda, Bielenda Professional, BodyBoom, FaceBoom, BabyBoom, Bielenda Professional Supremelab, Soraya, Dermika, SheHand, SheFoot, ManFoot, SheCare and SkinArté. All of its products are available in drugstores, retail chains, and online. By taking over Torf Corporation, Bielenda will boost its competitiveness among domestic cosmetics manufacturers, as well as enter into prospective oral care sector.

Our investment focus lies on companies with sound foundations, and Torf Corporation is precisely such a company. We believe that under the wings of an industry investor, the Company and its leading brands will get another boost of acceleration. Its unique positioning, high-quality products and customer loyalty form an excellent basis for the Company’s future development. We are pleased to reflect on Torf Corporation’s past achievements, including those of Tołpa and other brands, and are delighted that we could support the company in reaching them.

– said Małgorzata Bobrowska, co-founder and managing partner of Resource Partners.

Tołpa is a brand with well-established position and recognition. I value its scientific approach to creating cosmetics and long-lived heritage, which is based on the utilization of the properties of Polish peat. The acquisition of Torf Corporation will extend our offering, as well as increase diversity and price range of our products. I am confident that the takeover of Tołpa and ON brands with their potential for further development within Bielenda Group, will be value-accretive and increase our competitiveness, both on the Polish and international markets.

– stated Marek Bielenda, CEO of Bielenda Kosmetyki Naturalne.