Hoop S.A. signed the merger plan with the Kofola Group 27 November 2007

On the 27th of November 2007 a merger plan between Hoop S.A. and Kofola SPV Sp. z o.o., the owner of 100% shares at Kofola Holding A.S. was signed. According to the plan, in exchange for the transfer of all assets of Kofola SPV to Hoop, KSM Investment S.A., as the sole owner of Kofola SPV, will be issued new shares representing a total of 49.99% in Hoop’s equity after the merger.

In this new structure KSM Investment, currently controlling 14% of shares at Hoop, will become the majority shareholder of the company with a share of 56.99%.

The merger will result in the creation of a leading Central European food and beverages group with the consolidated sales revenues exceeding PLN 1.2bn, operating in Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.