“Maspex, or how Pawinski built his empire”, Forbes 07/2014 2 July 2014

In the 7/2014 issue, the Polish edition of “Forbes” magazine covered the growth story of Maspex, the leading Polish food company.

Marek Dojnow, Managing Partner at FIDEA, was asked to comment on Krzysztof Pawinski’s (founder and CEO of Maspex) approach to M&A.

I’ve met Krzysztof Pawlinski several times on the other side of the table. It is not that he doesn’t like to overpay, he is just looking for a bargain. That’s why he’s rarely successful at auction processes. However, after two fairly difficult years, possibility of engaging in bilateral negotiations is higher, so there should be a chance for Maspex to find its opportunity. He will have to pay a fair price though, but still make a profit in the future.

explained Marek Dojnow, Managing Partner at FIDEA, pointing out that Maspex has a well-established position on the liquids market, and should look more into solid products.

The whole content of the article is available on Forbes website (in Polish).