“Now Fidea” – Manager Magazine 10/2005 1 October 2005

Who is  Marek Dojnow?
The answer given most often is: the president of  ABN Amro. Few add the short word “former”. Because few noticed that Dojnow left the bank in June already. On the other hand, those, who noticed this, associate the fact of his resignation in one way only – with his giving evidence before the investigation commission for PZU case.

– Some speculations also appeared that ABN Amro thanked me my work or that I run away because of PZU case – says  Marek Dojnow.

– However, this has nothing to do with PZU, it’s just coincidence. I have been thinking about this decision for a long time. Why? Because – as he claims – the investment bankers do not like to remain in one place. They need challenges, adrenaline. But somehow I started to lack this feeling at my previous place.

– Being the president for 5 years I managed to build very good team that consisted of very ambitious people, working with a great devotion and passion – explains Dojnow.

– At certain moment I noticed that those, who together with me created  the tight team, started to lose confidence in the company and were not sure any longer  whether it was their place. These are people who require challenges and want to go forward all the time. Two persons decided to leave.

– This fact “speeded up” my decision – he explains.

– It’s a pity, because I would prefer to arrive to this type of conclusion earlier and to found my company together with much stronger group. Marek Dojnow says so, because today he is the president of Fidea company.  He took with him three people from the previous company: Adam Jabłoński, his former deputy, today his business partner, and two employees.

What does he do?

The same things as in  ABN Amro – gives expert advice on mergers and acquisitions. This time, however, on his own account. His company has already started its operation – has been registered and  issued its first invoice, and at the beginning of August Marek Dojnow officially moved to  his new office. No long holidays, mysterious  smiles implying  that he has some secret plans. The idea has been ready for a long time. And it has not come into his mind in the dream , but resulted from many years of observation. The conclusion could be only one- the market in Poland is too small for foreign investment banks. For them – the transactions below Euro 100 m were not attractive any longer, whereas in Poland, excluding perhaps privatization, the lower value transactions dominate on the market. So the market niche has emerged. The perfect situation  for somebody like him.

– As a rule, when the president of the large financial institution from one day to another becomes the owner of his own company, it evokes only one association: he had not other way out – explains Marek Dojnow.

– The situation is different in my case. I have the plan, I started doing exactly what I wanted and what I am interested, in addition, I see the future for this undertaking. On my part it is not defensive approach, I rather go forward, predicting the needs of the clients and the development of the market.

And what will be their requirements?
– It is not the time when the large banks will start building large teams of specialist or get into the Polish market – Dojnow claims. – For them the cheaper solution is to hire smaller local firm to handle transactions in Poland.

And clients? In this case it also looks that there is nothing to be anxious about. The orders are being placed. And what is very important there is no hostile tension between Marek Dojnow and his former employer. – They work together on one of the contracts.

What are his wishes at the start?

He answers to this question without hesitation: “Less politics in the economy“. Because – as he claims- the efforts to get bigger contracts is to some degree  connected with being involved in politics.

– This is so all over the world, but in Poland – more than elsewhere – he stresses. – It’s a pity, because this spoils the market and causes damages to the business. However, it is easier to avoid involvement in different types of relationships running smaller business .

Marek Dojnow

The graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Warsaw University. He also completed specialist studies on the EU Law at Le Mans University and international private law at the University in  Strasburg.

Between  1991 and 1992 he worked for the Polish branch office of the American Law Firm Vinson & Elkins, and between  1992 and 1993 he was assistant to  Jan Maria Rokita – the minister and the  head of the Council of Ministers Office under the government of Hanna Suchocka. Between 1993 and 1995 he worked at Warsaw and London offices of the Law Firm Clifford Chance, specializing in banking and capital markets law. From the beginning of 1996 till June 2005 he worked with ABN Amro bank. At first as an adviser responsible for creation of the department of investment banking in Poland. Then he was responsible for the primary market of debt securities. In 1999,  he became the member of the Board, and in 2000 the president of  ABN Amro Corporate Finance.

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