Third Place for FIDEA in the ‘Mid- Market M&A Review” by Thomson Financial for 2007 2 January 2009

According to Thomson Financial’s Mid-Market M&A Review for 2007 FIDEA was ranked 3. in the ‘Eastern Europe Rankings’ category for transactions of up to 100 million USD.

The ranking by Thomson Financial is one of the most prestigious rankings of financial advisors in the world mergers and acquisition market. It’s broadly acknowledged as the ranking of the best M&A advisors in the world. Traditionally, the leaders as far as the aggregate value of completed transactions is concerned are the biggest and most prestigious investment banks such as Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley, which have been leaders in the market for many years.

Thomson Financial also runs a ranking of advisors in the area of the so called mid-market transactions, that is for the transactions of medium size. In this area for many years investment banking boutiques, i.e. independent advisory firms, have been trying to challenge the position of the leaders.

We are very happy that it was FIDEA, despite only 2 years of its existence, that reached such a prestigious rank in the M&A in the whole region. I am also pleased by the fact, that being asked by Manager Magazine two years ago for FIDEA’s strategic aims and its place in the M&A market in Poland, I said that we would focus on transactions in the span of 100 million EUR, where the competition from the global investment banks is weaker. Our position in Thomson Financial ranking in the category up to 100 million USD confirms the strategy to be right and successfully executed.

Marek Dojnow, FIDEA