Sale of a significant stake in Kofola-Hoop to Enterprise Investors

Financial advisory to key shareholders of Kofola-Hoop, a leading soft drinks producer in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, on the sale of their 29.42% stake in the company to Enterprise Investors

On 29 September, 2008 two shareholder-founders of HOOP S.A. (currently KOFOLA-HOOP S.A.), Dariusz Wojdyga and Marek Jutkiewicz, on one side and Polish Enterprise Fund VI (PEF) on the other, entered into a binding agreement based on which PEF will acquire, through a public tender offer, their shares constituting almost 30% of the share capital of KOFOLA-HOOP S.A. The transaction marks a great success looking at the achieved price of 43.20 PLN per share, which represents roughly a 50% premium over the stock trading levels from the past few weeks. As a result of this transaction KOFOLA-HOOP will gain an important financial shareholder known from a number of investments in the food sector. The transaction exceeds the amount of PLN 330m.

FIDEA acted as the sole financial adviser to Messrs Wojdyga and Jutkiewicz.

We are very happy that this June we just closed the merger between HOOP and KOFOLA, and yet a few months later, we have assisted in this very successful transaction at the time of this exceptionally bad situation in global financial markets.

– commented Marek Dojnow, Managing Partner of FIDEA.

Both transactions confirm leading position of FIDEA in the Polish M&A market.

Transaction team



President of the Management Board, Managing Partner


September 2008



Transaction value

PLN 332.8m